From the Rabbit Hole

Hello World. I’m Riley Hill, author of Split River and other tales. If you despise mysteries, hate horror, and loathe twists of reality, you’ll take issue with my muse.

My muse is not amusing. It’s an energy being that sucks the life out of me and seeks to suck the brain out of you. If you read my tales, you’ll wonder why I travel to this midnight abode, and why you follow. You’ll begin to ask yourself questions about life, your motivations, and the dark places in which each of us dwells when no one is looking. You may seek to live in the light, but just knowing, feeling, sensing, this other place, will shroud you with doubt. You’ll try to stay away.

 But, if you’re a child of wonder, you’ll have to read, because I’ll take you places you won’t go without my hand. Even if, during the journey, my hand turns into a snake.

Thanks for dropping by. See you in the netherworld.

Riley Hill

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