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Deep Naked  dips into mythos of a young woman’s background, and calls forth forces of the universe which must be laid to rest. Can she find the powers within her to call back her friend from another dimension? Can she open the portal to another world and heal the events of this one? This experimental novel contains elements of science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, mythology, romance, and drama. Sounds like the kitchen sink, huh?

I laid in the last strokes to my new novel, Deep Naked, to be released in June 2013. The wonderful and prolific Elle Casey helped me to locate some beta readers who are busy scrubbing their eyeballs for the task ahead. As soon as they’re done, it will be the final edit and then release!

The book is first in a series of time travel/interdimensional explorations by the characters, which I hope will broaden the perspectives of and add entertainment to the lives of readers.

In the meantime, enjoy real life. There are stranger things going on out there than you can imagine. And some of them appear in Deep Naked.



Deep Naked Softcover

Deep Naked Softcover

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